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Personal Coverage
Business Coverage
Financial Planning

Financial Planning

  • Life Insurance
  • Diability Plans
  • IRA
  • Pensions
  • Mutual Funds
  • Individual & Group Health Ins. Programs

The services you can expect from the Hess Group:

  • Analysis of your complete insurance needs.
  • We design a responsible protection program for you.
  • We select the company or companies best suited to your situation.
  • We present you with a competitively priced proposal.
  • We move quickly to get fair, prompt settlement of your claims.
  • We periodically review the adequacy of your insurance program.
  • We look for ways to save you money. If desired, we arrange budget payment plans.


  Our Aims...

  • To reduce your insurance cost.
  • To eliminate gaps in coverage

Through the use of RISK MANAGEMENT techniques, your existing insurance is analyszed and recommendations and cost comparisons are submitted to you for review.